Uganda Travel Tips

Uganda Travel Tips, Uganda Travel Information, Visas, Customs for Entry to Uganda

Uganda Travel Tips


The Uganda official language is English. In addition Swahili and Luganda are commonly spoken throughout in Uganda. Teach your self some basic Luganda and Swahili words. A modest command of the local language will go a long way.


A number of good hotels are available to choose from to suit every budget. Across the country and in the National Parks, hotels and inns are generally available, but quality of service and quantity of rooms vary greatly. Niche Africa Holidays take utmost care in booking decent Hotels accommodation and Lodges for our guests.

Ugandan Laws:

When travelling, the laws of the country you are visiting apply to you too. The fact that you are a foreigner does not give you immunity against the country's laws. Therefore, the moment you arrive in your country of visit, you are subject to the country's laws, rules and regulations.


Various airline services from various parts of the world fly to Uganda regularly and they include: Air Tanzania, British Airways, Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Gulf Air, Inter Air, Kenya Airways, Air Brussels, South African Airways, KLM and among others. There are also daily flight connections from Nairobi. There are also several reputable domestic charter companies to choose from.

  • Niche Africa Holidays can make flight arrangements for you if you so wish.
  • Foods, Drinking Water:
  • Fresh tropical fruits and vegetables are plentiful throughout the country. A wide range of dishes, both traditional and international, are served in the hotels and restaurants.
  • Do not drink tap water because its not well treated. Either drink boiled water which is provided by most hotels and restaurants or buy bottled water which is also available.

Banking, Credit Cards and currency:

There are several international banks operating in Kampala including Barclay's bank, Standard Chartered bank and Stanbic bank and in addition to these there are also many local banks and foreign exchange bureaus in operation across the country.

The banking hours for most institutions are 8.30a.m to 4:00p.m - Monday to Friday. This may vary from one institution to another - there are some institutions that open longer hours and on Saturdays. There are no longer restrictions on foreign exchange transactions and currency is easily convertible. You can change dollars or pounds into local shillings very easily.

AMEX, Visa and Master Card are only accepted at a few choice establishments and in banks in the cities, You can now use your visa card to draw money from your account in Europe or America. we however advise that you take cash to be on the safe side.

The Shilling is the currency used in Uganda some people will take dollars and pounds in cash. The exchange rates vary from time to time but are readily available from banks and Forex bureaus.


Light summer clothing supplemented by a sweater or jacket should be sufficient. Usually dressing is informal. Cotton slacks and flat-heeled comfortable walking shoes are recommended on safari. Don't forget to bring a hat for sun protection and a swimsuit. Umbrellas and windbreakers are recommended in the wet seasons.

Health Requirements:

Certificates are required for vaccination against yellow fever. Check current medical advice on typhoid, cholera and hepatitis. It is advisable to start anti-malaria medications 10 days prior to arrival and continue with the same until 14 days after leaving East Africa. Our guests are also encouraged to take make their own insurance arrangements for the time they will be in Africa. You need to consult with your local Doctor for advice on Medication.

  • Malaria: this is the biggest health threat in Africa, especially south of the Sahara. Rely only on advice from travel health specialists.
  • Get immunized: get the right immunizations. (You may have to show proof of vaccination against certain diseases before you can enter the country.)
  • Protect yourself from insects: Malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever are transmitted by bug bites. Cover up with clothes, use insect repellent, and sleep under a mosquito net.
  • Think before you take a dip: Schistosomiasis (also known as bilharzia) is a parasitic-carried disease that you can catch by swimming, bathing, or paddling in fresh water lakes in East Africa.
  • Heat: take time to acclimatise, drink plenty of bottled water, and take it easy in the heat of the day.
  • Bring sturdy footwear to avoid sore feet, blisters, chafing and other injuries.
  • Be prepared: a well-stocked, medical kit, including painkillers, blister ointment, and adhesive tape is vital.


Precautions should be taken as in any major city. Unless safety deposit boxes are available in your hotel or lodge, always carry travel documents, travelers cheque's, cash and other valuables with you at all times. Avoid walking late in the night instead take a taxi if you are out late.


Uganda enjoy ideal weather conditions ranging from the warmth of the lowlands to the coolness of the highlands. Temperatures range between 21C and 31C all the year around. You will need to check for up-to-date weather conditions in East Africa on some international weather website.


All guests to Uganda must get entry visas to the respective countries or make necessary arrangements before they leave their home country. Visas are generally available at all entry points including Entebbe airport but you need to have all the documentation to ease the process.

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