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The Magana camp is situated on the un-spoilt island of that name in Lake Victoria and occupies an entire secluded bay on the island's western shores. A boat ride across the lake brings one to Magana Island. This is basically a fishing village, on it is where the Governor's camp, an exclusive club with six cottages and a capacity of 12 guests, is built. The 6 rooms all have stunning views of the lake and offer complete privacy, en suite bathrooms with bath and shower, basin and flush toilet, as well as hot and cold running water.

ecorated in ethnic style, all rooms have four poster beds and private verandas, which give them a special charm. Each room is open to the lake and offers uninterrupted views and spectacular sunsets. Visits to Magana island on lake Victoria provide a unique opportunity to see the colourful life on the lake, where enchanting luo fishing villages have not changed in centuries, the bird life is unsurpassed and seeing the families of otters is an added bonus. Magana Island camp is a perfect place for nature lovers, and is particularly recommended as a relaxing retreat for honeymooners.

Takawari Island is a sandy beach, likes of Mombasa beaches inside Lake Victoria. It can be reached by road form Kisumu via Homabay to Mbita and by ferry from Luanda Kotieno beach-45 minutes ride on the lake ferry. It has cottages which can accommodate 16 people sharing a double room. It is famous in fishing activities and the amazing sunset on Lake Victoria. You can also enjoy walks through lush vegetation on top of the hills or along the lakeshore. For those interested in culture, there is the possibility to visit a luo family and experience their day-to-day life or the school in the next village.

The Mbasa and Mholo islands are a few meters apart. Both are famous for abundance of bird life. Uninhabited by man, the islands have many bird species including agrets and the fish aegle. There are also many monitor lizards, which feed on eggs and birds. wild goats and sheep. Visiting these islands at the end of the day

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Lake Victoria Excursions And Safaris From Kisumu City

These boating (boat rides) which start from Kisumu's Dunga beach from Osienala landing bay, Kiboko bay beach resort or Yatch club. These rides lead you to the islands on Lake Victoria which includes Ndere island national park, Rusinga, Magana and Takawiri Islands for Leisure not to mention the magnificent sandy beaches of Takawiri islands which are famous for honeymoon and wedding holidays.

The other excursion trips are those trips which last few hours, the likes of rides from Dunga beach into Lake Victoria for educational purposes and Hippo hunting not to mention just having a ride on Lake Victoria for leisure purposes and returning back to the shore. The other most preferred Lake Victoria excursion is the birthday picnic on the boat inside Lake Victoria.

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Luxurious Boating In Lake Victoria

Victoria safaris own and manage several boat vessels which include the 200 horse power water hammer, the blue bird and the other vessels which can carry many people for educational purposes and research. These boats are placed at various beaches along the Lake Victoria banks. They are being piloted by experienced Coxswains and those assistants who are born and bread within and without Lake Victoria. 

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Canoeing And Kayaking On Lake Victoria

Canoeing and Kayaking on Lake Victoria is most common along the local indigenous beaches which are spread along the Lake Victoria banks, these are mostly for those indigenous fishermen who go for fishing using the traditional canoes and using nets and hooks for catching fish. Visitors who would want a test of canoes on Lake Victoria using the traditional canoes and the modern kayaking canoes can book with us.

The most preferred boat rides and canoe trips from Kisumu city include the following:-

- Full Day Boating along Lake Victoria
- 3 Days Boat riding on Lake Victoria
- Boat ride to Takawiri, Rusinga and Magana Islands.
- Boat Ride to Ndere Island.
- Fishing and Boating on Lake victoria
- Boating Excursion on Lake victoria
- Leisure boat Wedding Anniversary inside Lake Victoria
- Boat wedding on Lake victoria
- Picnic Boat ride on Lake Victoria
- Hippos and crocodiles hunting on Lake victoria
- Canoeing on Lake Victoria
- Kayaking on Lake Victoria

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Victoria safaris urges those clients who would want to participate in lake Victoria boating safaris, canoeing and kayaking to customize or book their adventures trips with us.

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