Water Rafting in Africa

Water Rafting in Africa, White

Water Rafting in Africa

Africa is a continent of rivers flowing all year round due to its massive natural resources and daily 12 hours sun shine. In view of this, Africa is at its best for White Water Rafting tours and safaris for those who want to paddle and raft in the many meandering rivers in the African continent.

White water rafting is gaining popularity as one of the recently upcoming water sport for the armed forces and the military personnel, water sport lovers and those who would like to have incentive and team building tours far from their office locations. Water Rafting is becoming a preferred team building activity for both corporate and individual traveller of office executive who would want a change of environment some where in the wilderness, paddling among the new friends. Africa offers this environment through white water rafting on its rivers.

Water Rafting in East Africa

East Africa has several rivers flowing all year round which are best for water rafting and kayaking. These rivers are mostly placed in Kenya and Uganda. Very few rivers are best for Rafting in the other East African countries namely; Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

For water rafting and Kayaking, Uganda leads followed by Kenya.

We, at Niche Africa Holidays offer our clients White water rafting, Kayaking and Bungee Jumping on the River Nile and the River Tana, Athi River, Ewaso Ng’iro and Mathioya River in Uganda and Kenya Respectively.

White Water Rafting in Uganda

In Uganda, white water rafting is done together with Bungee Jumping on River Nile by three Major White Water rafting Companies whom we represent namely: Equator Rafts, Adrift and nalubale rafting. All these water rafting companies have their camps at the source of the River Nile. They work in competition and at the same time as a team while on the river.

The River Nile

The River Nile is widely regarded the longest river on the planet with its 6,695 kilometers. The River Nile has been and still is the lifeline for Ugandan, Sudanese and Egyptian cultures since time immemorial. Before the discovery of the source river Nile by John Hanning Speke in 1856, the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks were wondering about the mysterious source of this ever flowing fresh water into the salty Mediterranean Sea. Niche Africa holidays in collaboration with the tree white water rafting companies make sure that all clients enjoy the rafting, Bungee jumping and Kayaking at an utmost safety environment. The first 30 kilometers of the River Nile offers some of the most challenging, stunning and fun rapids in the world, giving you the ultimate White Water Experience. Niche Africa Holidays ensures that rafting adventure on the Nile is still very much alive.

Surfing the River Nile

Surfing the Nile is quite fascinating. Over 3400 miles from where the Nile enters the Mediterranean Sea, we have some incredible surfing waves just at the source if it. You start from Kadogo Island (your overnight stopover) where the river disappears swiftly around another bend before entering ‘Hair of the Dog’ rapid.

Heavily forested islands divide the mighty Nile into a myriad of thundering channels and we usually follow the one offering the most exciting ride. Red-tailed monkeys leap nervously between trees as we drift past, Nile monitors bask on the rocks in the sunshine and smoke drifts between the trees from the local waragi (banana gin) distillery.

You will have a handful of exciting rapids in the morning; you will have the chance to jump overboard and float quietly on our backs in the river, carried by the current and to watch the world go by. Soon you will reach the first of the surf waves where we pull our rafts ashore.

Use of boogie boards

Our guides will give full instruction on the use of the boogie boards in the waves. The river behaves much like the ocean and breaks upstream with full force of a mighty wave that has travelled thousands of miles across seas. In theory, you could ride the wave all day but this is far too exhilarating for anyone we know. With fins to propel us onto the wave initially, the boards dance across the water followed very closely by their rider. The rider can experiment with steering the board and soon it carves gracefully to the top of the wave, races down the face and shoots back and forth at an incredible speed to the delight of the person on board.

In between the surf waves, sit back, relax and enjoy watching dug-out canoes move back and forth across the current in search of the many species of fish enjoyed by the local communities. The fishermen never cease to be amazed at our antics on the river and we always draw a crowd. Adrenalin pumping action on the board contrasts nicely with long calm sections of river between the waves. Between rides, you can sit nearby on the bank and watch others ride the wave (or join them on it) and rest.

Rafting on the River Nile

More than four thousand miles in length, the mighty Nile is the longest river on earth. The great waterway has played a monumental role in history. It traverses an incredible variety of landscapes; a colourful medley of cultures and since the beginning of time has enthralled civilizations with its power and mystery. Ancient Egyptian kings sent armies in search of the source of the great river and explorers from Herodotus to Speke have sought to chart its course. Until very recently no one dared challenge the White Nile at its source – some of the most powerful and sustained rapids on earth.

Water temperature of the Nile

With a water temperature of 26°C and a near constant flow, the Nile offers some of the best rafting in the world – year round.

Useful information!

About the White Nile.

The White Nile has up to seven times the volume of the Zambezi. It thunders between heavily forested islands and then leaps widely into a series of spectacular drops. The roar of the rapids drift upstream with the gently breeze and wooden canoes laden with excited locals congregate in the calm waters anxious to see our rafts in action. To the amazement of our audience we plunge into the maelstrom and ride the mountainous waves downstream. Our rafts explode through huge walls of white water and drift through warm pools in the equatorial sunshine. This is white rafting at its best.

What about Safety?

While there is an inherent element of risk in every adventure, running rivers with our professional guides should not be considered dangerous. Clients can enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of world-class white water rafting in the security of knowing that they are in the safest hands. Our depth of experience is second to none and our safety procedures are setting standards for the rest of the industry to follow. In the unlikely event of an emergency, our guides are comprehensively trained in Wilderness First Aid, CPR and swift water rescue.

Do clients’ need any rafting experience?

Clients’ don't need any previous rafting experience to join us; they just require a healthy appetite for discovery and a lively spirit of adventure. The majority of people who join our expeditions are first time rafters. An internationally experienced guide controls each raft and will instruct the clients’ comprehensively on all aspects of safety when white water rafting and prepare the clients’ for an experience they will never forget.

Mild or Wild?

Clients’ have the option to paddle as part of a team or ride in an oar raft where the guide rows the boat. We cater for those that want a more "wild" ride in a paddle boat or people who fancy a more sedate trip offering the "thrills and not the spills" in an oar powered raft. In the oar powered raft the guides row the boat and the passengers hold on for the ride. This boat is dubbed the "suntan raft" and takes more conservative lines in the rapids and the chances of flipping are very slim. In the paddle boat the guide calls the shots and steer from the back as the clients’ paddle through the rapids. There is no shortage of huge white water action for those that want it!!

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