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Bird watching in Africa started a long way ago and bird watchers come annually into Africa for this purpose. Africa is a continent where you still find forests and lakes which are the livelihood basis for birdlife. Africa has very many species spanning over 500,000 different types of birds straying and living within the continent some of which are migratory therefore traverse to the other continents when necessary. Due to its abundant sunshine and perfect weather, the bird watchers are ever in Africa where there are different species to research and take photographs of. Ornithological tours and safaris as much as they are best in Africa, are not cheap travel packages since it requires some specialty in the knowledge and livelihood of bird species by specialist birders / tour guides. Niche Africa urges bird watchers to book or customize their travel with us since we have the Know-how and the capacity to handle bird watching tours and safaris in Africa.


With its remaining tropical forests which include; the Kakamega forest, Arabuko sosoke and Mabira forests in Kenya and Uganda respectively, not to mention the Northern Tanzania bird sanctuaries in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and the lake manyara, bird watchers refer the East African part of the continent of Africa as their Paradise for birding.

In Kenya, we have the flamingoes which are based in Lake Nakuru, Elementaita, Baringo and Bogoria and also transverse into Lake Natron which is on the Tanzania side near the Kenyan border. The other species which are also within the lake Nakuru birding sanctuaries include the pelicans which its numbers are increasing by the day. You will also find the other bird species which live in the tiny forests and sanctuaries within Kenya.

Uganda being a swampy country is the most preferred country for bird watchers, in view of this most bird watchers prefer going for the same in Uganda where there are over 1,000 species of birds. Birding in Uganda is based on the swampy parts and the little forests which emerge due to the availability of abundant water in Uganda. The Mabira forest is the back bone of birdlife in this country; as such bird watchers spend a lot of their time in both the Uganda forests and the swampy lakes where birds live.

Tanzania is best for bird watchers. Since there is abundant wildlife and forests which contribute to the livelihoods for many different species; the likes of the vultures, Tanzania leads in carnivorous birds. Lake Manyara is the paradise for bird watchers with over 1000 different species. Many bird watchers come to Tanzania and go straight to the Lake Manyara National Park for birding.

Niche Africa holidays have special itineraries which are suitable for birding / Ornithological tours and safaris within the east African part of the continent.

Some of the preferred bird watching tours and safaris in East Africa include:-


(Bird watching tours and safaris in Kenya, Ornithological tours and safaris in Kenya).

Kenya has two remaining tropical forests which include; Kakamega and Arabuko Sokoke forests in western Kenya and the Kenyan coast respectively. Apart from these forests which host a lot of birds, some small bushes, forests and bird sanctuaries are within Kenya and harbour some of the species which are not inhabitants of these forests. Birding in Kenya as much as it is expensive, several bird watchers visit this country annually where they spent several dollars for hotel and lodge accommodation and birding safaris.

Western Kenya tourist Circuit; the virgin treasure, unknown and untapped, have some special birding sanctuaries within its area. These include the small lakes around Lake Victoria such as Lake Kanyaboli, Lake Sare, Lake Nambolo, and the main Lake Victoria gulf.
 In addition to these lakes, the Dominion farm which is a modern farm started recently at the delta of river Yala, is a host to various bird species which feed on the corn and other farm produce within this former swampy area. Dominion Farm is located  within the western Kenya where  there has been a swamp for many years known as Yala Swamp; where different bird species have lived all along. But due to its unknown location birders have never ventured in this part of the country.

The Kakamega forest is backbone of bird watchers in Western Kenya, not to mention the Ruma National Park, the Ahero Rice scheme, the Tea farms within kericho and the Mount Elgon chepkitale National Reserve and Park, the Simbi Nyaima and the Nandi hills; this entire area have several places which are good for birdlife. The islands in Lake Victoria which include Mfangano, Takawiri, Rusinga, Ndere, and kirika islands near Kisumu city are some of the islands which have several different species of birds in western Kenya. The national parks where birding is also available include the Maasai Mara national park and lake Nakuru where you find the flamingoes and pelicans, Lake Naivasha which is the most preferred lake for bird watchers. The Crater Lake, Lake Elemetaita, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East and West, the coast province. In the northern part of Kenya you will find the Nasolot National Reserve, South Turkana, Lake Baringo and Bogoria are bird watchers paradises.

 In Nairobi city; birding is done for bird watchers in the Nairobi National park, the swampy areas within the Nairobi suburbs and Nairobi walk which includes the national museum and giraffe centre walking trails and within the vicinity .

 Niche Africa holidays; being a tour operator company has several Ornithological staff with vast experience in bird life who undertake day to day birding safaris within Kenya and East Africa as a whole.

Some of the most Kenya birding safaris and tours include the following:-

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